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By Completely Blogger | November 17, 2022
airline fittings

Types of Airline Fittings and How They Work

While their size may seem small, airline fittings play a significant role in the overall performance of a piece of hydraulic machinery or equipment, especially air compressors and other air tools that use these hydraulic components.

The work of airline fittings is to maintain a consistent flow of air and/or pressure. Durable airline fittings are reliable and increase the safety and efficiency of operations of the air tools.

They can also allow you to extend your air supply and develop more sophisticated air systems to suit specific needs. For a piece of equipment to be in the best working condition, you should keep your fittings in the best working shape.


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When you’re moving the air compressor and have to disconnect the air hoses, you may lose an airtight connection when plugging the hoses back in.

You can examine the coupler to determine whether it has a problem.

There are different types of airline fittings available on the market. Knowing the kind of fitting you are using can make it easier for your supplier to supply the hydraulic component and be ready to go.


airline fittings


If it is through insertion then it is male but if it is through encirclement then it is female. They can be available in male-to-male or female-to-female designs as well as both genders have different subtypes.

There are several different types of industrial hose fittings and some of them are highlighted below:

Air hose fittings offer tight, reliable seals for attaching high pressure hoses to breathing tanks, air pumps, and brakes.

Hydraulic hose fittings can also be in the form of water hose connectors for hoses that carry water.


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  1. Quick release couplings

This coupling provides a means of disconnecting an airline from the compressor or air main as well as at the business end to disconnect from equipment or air tools.

A shut-off valve is located inside the coupling to enable immediate shutdown of airflow when you remove the male fitting. The most popular thread size is the 1/4” BSP (The British Standard Pipe) to allow the male plug to fit.

  1. PLC Standard Vertex Coupling

The double-action coupling has been designed with the trailing hose in mind. The protective shoulder helps to prevent the ingress of dirt as well as the accidental disconnection upon the unexpected pulling of lines along the ground.

  1. PLC Standard Airflow

To disconnect the male plug, the collar is pulled back while holding the airline. Failure to hold the airline may cause some whipping while compressed air is escaping. It is also a single-action coupling for application in the air ring main or compressor.

  1. PLC StandardSafe Flow Safety Coupling

Sometimes, hoses whip when they are disconnected.

This coupling ensures that does not happen via a two-stage process that involves pulling back the sleeve to allow the pressure to vent automatically via the body and pushing the sleeve forward to release the male plug.

Regardless, there are several types of fittings but these are among some of the most popular.

Depending on the use case, you should be able to identify the fittings you need for your hoses or hydraulic machinery in general.

Airline fittings play a pivotal role in the maintenance of the flow of air and pressure in the hoses to ensure your air tools perform optimally.

If you are in the UK, whether in London, Kent, Essex, or Heathrow, you can identify a reliable hydraulic parts supplier for your hydraulic components. Having reliable and durable airline fittings can significantly reduce downtime and increase performance.




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