Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) Cradle Repairs

By Completely Blogger | June 16, 2019
Skyscraper maintenance

Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) Cradle Repairs

BMU cradle

Today’s buildings are some the tallest in the entire history of architectural buildings and structures, with some buildings having hundreds of floors and even skyscrapers.

This has created the need to find creative ways of cleaning the windows of these tall buildings and performing routine building maintenance.

This makes the concept of hydraulics very important in building maintenance today.

The Building Maintenance Unit or simply BMU Cradle has been very helpful in ensuring that tall building windows can be accessed and simple building maintenance performed from the outside, thanks to these special access cradles that allow cleaners to have better access to windows of buildings.

BMU Cradles need to be safe . . .

If you are going to work on high rise buildings with some of the most beautiful exteriors, you need your BMU cradle to be in the best shape possible.

This will not only make your cradle more efficient and your work easier but also reduce the risk of possible malfunctions that could result in injury and even loss of life. Imagine working on a window on the 127th floor and your BMU cradle malfunctions. This is a risk you do not want to take. Therefore, it is important to always have your cradle working perfectly before cleaning any windows of buildings with skyscrapers.

Why External BMU Cradles Are Often Preferred

External BMU cradles are designed to have a specific carrying capacity. The hanging rail type of BMC cradle is often used in cleaning windows and building maintenance. The equipment allows for accurate positioning, stable walking, and even great automation. For effective BMU cradle repair and maintenance, it is important that the installation is also done right, by professional engineers and technicians.

These two groups of professionals understand the importance of installing bespoke, proprietary building access equipment suspended in a manner that provides easy access, use, and efficiency.BMU repair

BMU Cradle Repair

The concepts of hydraulics and skyscrapers are not new to buildings and architectural structures.

The installation, repair, and maintenance of these pieces of equipment should always be performed by professionals because they can provide secure and practical access solutions whilst ensuring the equipment are efficient and safe to use. Whether you are providing light window cleaning or intensive maintenance works, it is important to have highly effective and efficient tools that can provide easy and secure access to new and existing building windows and other exterior features in a safe manner.

In addition, you would be provided with the necessary documentation recorded and relevant compliance needs as proof that the job has been performed according to high standards.

Therefore, if your daily work involves using BMU cradles or hanging rails suspended from high rise buildings with skyscrapers, such as cleaning windows and performing light maintenance works, you should ensure that your equipment is in great working condition and a qualified engineer or technician should perform regular maintenance and repairs when it breaks down. This will ensure the safety of your employees and provide secure access to buildings with skyscrapers to enable them to what they do best.

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