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By Completely Blogger | August 28, 2020
container ramps

What to Look for in Container Ramps

Container ramps play a crucial role in the loading and unloading of shipping containers.

Forklifts and pallet jacks allow you to handle the container with ease.

Container ramps are often available in a wide range of weight capacities, materials and sizes.

If you are shopping for them, you should select one that provides a perfect solution and meets your needs. Moreover, the price should also be fair so you don’t spend money on an overpriced piece of equipment that will not guarantee a good return on your investment.

How container ramps are constructed

Some of these pieces of equipment are typically made of aluminium which, despite being a lightweight option, provides enormous strength to support heavier loads.

However, note that they can have multiple traction surface options to choose from to ensure your needs are met.

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On the other hand, rubber is quite durable and can handle a wide range of practice workplace scenarios common at the loading bay, although the material can be quiet difficult to move around.

Another material worth looking at is the high-density expanded foam that has been reinforced with a hardy yet lightweight material such as aluminium to ensure it is light and can be moved around easily. Therefore, if you are looking for something light and yet provides exceptional traction surface option, then you might want to consider aluminium reinforced high-density expanded foam container ramp. It all depends on what you’re looking for or the options that will provide the best value for money.

container ramps

Features to consider when looking for container ramps

Investment in large vehicles and pieces of equipment can be expensive and time-consuming, as you take a lot of time shopping around and looking for the best one.

Therefore, you should ensure that you are happy with your choice and that the piece of equipment you’ve selected to include to your arsenal will deliver true value and provide a good return on your investment.

Therefore, before you spend money to invest in container ramps to help facilitate the process of loading and unloading goods and shipping containers, below are important factors to consider:

  • Does it properly accommodate the lock on a typical container?
  • Does it have the capacity to handle the loads or shipping containers and equipment?
  • What traction surfaces do you want, punch plate traction surfaces or grit coat traction surfaces?
  • Are you able to utilise dual ramps or will you require full-width ramps?

These are some of the most important questions to ask yourself when you’re considering investing in container ramps to support loading and unloading of shipments.

If you’re unsure of what to invest in based on your application, you should consult professionals who will come and carry out a comprehensive survey, assess your needs and recommend the best option for you.

Whether you’re in London, Heathrow, Kent, Essex or any other part of the UK, you can always find experienced and competent engineers and technicians near you to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

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