Hydraulic Services During COVID-19

By Completely Blogger | April 30, 2020
covid-19 and hydraulic services

Key Workers in Hydraulics during COVID-19


Following Boris Johnson’s March 23rd announcement that placed strict regulations on UK citizens by barring anyone who’s not in the essential services sector, there have been questions regarding what is considered essential service and what is not.

UK citizens were told to stay at home unless they were searching for necessities, going for exercise, looking to meet their medical needs or caring for their vulnerable members of the family. Some key sectors emerged as services, including UK logistics.

Below are key workers in hydraulics services during COVID-19 pandemic.

UK logistics workers were classified under “key workers” on the government’s plan to tackle COVID-19 pandemic.

The UK’s Freight Transport Association welcomed the move, as its members work diligently to ensure the country’s supply chain is as efficient as possible.

hydraulic keyworkers during covid-19

The logistics sector uses forklifts and other pieces of hydraulic machinery and equipment, which all need to be in the best shape if they are to deliver efficiency to users and other machine operators.

Maintaining a resilient supply chain during the pandemic is a primary function of key workers in hydraulics, particularly hydraulic engineers and technicians in charge of the repair and maintenance of hydraulic machinery and equipment.

Manufacturers and technicians of hydraulic equipment used in transporting food and other essential commodities have been identified as key workers during the COVID-19 pandemic that has not only claimed hundreds of thousands of lives but has also brought business and other activities across the globe to a standstill.

While these manufacturers and technicians do not play a direct role in treating affected patients like doctors and health workers do, they provide support to the already fragile supply chain to ensure essential goods and services reach their destination as intended.

They may not be directly involved in the transportation of medical supplies and equipment but they supply the machinery and equipment used during the pandemic period and ensure these pieces of equipment are working as efficiently as possible.

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In the event of machinery breakdown, hydraulic engineers and technicians perform the necessary repairs and maintenance to restore the machine to its productive state and avoid further inconveniences.

The medical staff members have been on the forefront leading the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health workers globally have been identified as some of the key workers in the fight against COVID-19.

Doctors, nurses, and other health professionals have continued to use medical tools and equipment powered by hydraulics. The concept of hydraulics has been used in critical medical applications to deliver precise control of medical equipment that use fluid power.

Hydraulic engineers and technicians also ensure that hydraulic equipment, such as specialised hospital beds, are working efficiently.

Therefore, while most of the other industries are under lockdown and people’s movement has been restricted by governments in the UK and across the globe, key workers in hydraulics have been allowed to continue offering essential services to ensure efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic are not undermined by forcing them to observe social distancing rules and stay at home.




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