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By Completely Blogger | June 5, 2020

When Should You Carry Out Hydraulic Ram Repairs?

A hydraulic ram plays a crucial role in the typical hydraulic system.

Also known as a hydraulic cylinder, it requires repairs and even replacement in some cases.

Repairing this extensive piece of equipment can be costly but it’s much cheaper to repair than replace it with a new one. In most cases, proper hydraulic ram repairs make the repaired cylinder indistinguishable from a new one.

However, this is only possible if the repair is performed by an expert hydraulic engineer or technician.




Maintenance and repair works can be carried out most professionally and at the most opportune moment for heightened performance and reliability.

This also helps to eliminate the need for unnecessary repairs and maintenance, which can be costly in downtime and monetary terms.

Hydraulic ram repair services

Depending on the nature of repair you want for your equipment, there are several services attached to hydraulic cylinder repair, including.

  • A comprehensive assessment of the damaged equipment to be repaired
  • Assessment of parts that can be salvaged
  • Weighing the cost of repairs versus the cost of acquiring a brand new piece of equipment
  • Making critical decisions concerning the best possible outcome

Regular maintenance is important for the upkeep and good performance of your system.

HYdraulics For Skyscrapers Repair Service


One of the most important and often advised tips for proper equipment is clean oil.

Keeping the hydraulic oil clean can help to avoid contamination, which is a cause of equipment failure.

Experts recommend keeping the components of the system clean to prevent potential damage.

ram repairs completed

To help keep the oil clean, high-efficiency filters are often used, but they should be changed regularly.

A build-up of dust and debris can reduce the efficiency of a filter. For that reason, hydraulic engineers and technicians install a differential pressure gauge to let the equipment operator know when it is time to change the oil.

Regular maintenance cannot be overemphasised if optimal performance is to be achieved. Keep an eye on any signs of wear and tear, corrosion or cracks and address these issues as soon as possible.

Excessive moisture from the air or the fluid itself can corrode parts of your equipment.

This is why water should not be allowed to mix with the fluid and this fluid should be thoroughly cleaned. According to hydraulic experts, corrosion promotes wearing of seals, as increased friction causes components to rub against each other. Similarly, misalignment can also cause uneven wear and tear of the bearing seals within a cylinder.


System Install Maintenance Service For Hydraulics


Therefore, hydraulic ram repair and maintenance is important if you want your equipment to maintain optimal performance.

Reliability is crucial because equipment malfunctions can lead to costly downtime and serious injuries. Hydraulic ram repair can be as simple as polishing a corroded rod and often costs less than replacing with a brand new one.

You should consult your hydraulic engineer or technician in London, Essex, Heathrow or Kent to help you decide whether repairing your hydraulic ram or cylinder will be more cost-effective than purchasing a brand new one.


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