Push the Limits of Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing with Our Cutting-Edge Machinery

By Completely Blogger | November 24, 2023
Colchester Lathe machines for hydraulic cylinders

Discover How Advanced Machinery is Changing the Game in Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing

At Completely Hydraulic, we’re more than just experts in hydraulic cylinders – we’re pioneers pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. With over 20 years specialising in this field, we’ve dedicated ourselves to mastering hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and delivering unparalleled solutions.

But the real driving force lies in our state-of-the-art machinery, particularly our trifecta of advanced Colchester machines. Read on to learn how these trailblazing assets allow us to produce exceptional hydraulic cylinders and components in our South East England facility.


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Forge One-of-a-Kind Hydraulic Solutions with the Alpha 1760XS

As of the date of this post this is our latest arrival towering at over 6 meters in length, our Colchester Alpha 1760XS stands as a giant in the region’s hydraulic cylinder manufacturing space. As the largest lathe in the south-east of England, it empowers us to cater to substantial and bespoke orders that few can accommodate.

With a distance between centres of 6000mm and a height of 380mm, this versatile machine truly has no equal. We will use its immense size and precision to machine large-scale cylinders as well as custom projects.

So if you require hydraulic solutions beyond standard dimensions, the Alpha 1760XS has you covered. Let us know your spec and we’ll leverage this unmatched machinery to deliver.

Colchester-Alpha-1760XS Lathe machines for hydraulic cylinders



Achieve Surgical Precision with the SP520VS Turret Mill

Complementing size with utmost accuracy, our Colchester SP520VS turret mill takes hydraulic cylinder manufacturing to the next level. Its versatility and advanced features empower us to machine intricate parts to strict tolerances.

We harness the SP520VS across small and large cylinder components alike to guarantee precision. This enables us to produce complete solutions where every piece achieves our rigorous quality standards.

The result? Hydraulic cylinders and parts with longer service life, greater efficiency, and maximum reliability even in demanding conditions.


Colchester Milling machines for hydraulic cylinders

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Build Robust Hydraulic Solutions with the Colchester Mastiff

Rounding out our world-class machinery is the Colchester Mastiff – bringing power and stability to our hydraulic cylinder manufacturing. With its heavy-duty construction, this machine delivers both longevity and precision.

The Mastiff plays a pivotal role across our production line, from smaller pins and couplers to large-bore cylinders. Its robust form empowers us to machine all components to perfection so you receive complete hydraulic solutions built to last.


Colchester Mastiff Lathe machines for hydraulic cylinders

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Partner with a True Leader in Hydraulic Manufacturing

When you choose Completely Hydraulic, you gain more than world-class hydraulic cylinders. You secure a committed partner pushing the limits of possibility with you.

Join us today to experience the future of hydraulic manufacturing. Our team of experts is ready to leverage our best-in-class machinery and realise your unique vision.


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We work with clients and companies big and small across a wide range of sectors from construction and static plant to service, maintenance and emergency callouts. We really do specialise in keeping hydraulic machinery moving.

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