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By Completely Blogger | October 26, 2016
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Completely Hydraulic is on the Fleet Operator Recognition SchemeFORS

So What is Fors? ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.

For those who own a large number of operating vehicles, it is very important that you take up this scheme so as to be in a better competing position.

The fleet is not a compulsory requirement and therefore the joining of an individual will totally depend in their own decisions.

The work of the fleet operator recognition scheme is that it ensures that the level of the quality of operation in your fleet is highly boosted.

By doing this the scheme accomplishes good results by ensuring that they identify those employees who are working according to the normal standards and those who are deviating. Note that the deviating employees are mostly the ones who results to sever losses at the end.

More Information About FORS

The fleet operator recognition scheme (FORS) has its own procedures and ways in which it conducts its functions.

However many investors tend to think that by joining the scheme then they are fully sorted of all other legal obligations.

This is however untrue since the scheme focuses on its sole operation which is the management of the fleet operations on behalf of their clients.FORS Van

The scheme provides standards that you have to meet before you take up an agreement with them. For instance most of the individuals who join the scheme are those who take part in the transport of a wide quantity of goods. For this reason the scheme will ensure that all the vehicles that you present to them are in good condition and meet all the legal requirements since they will not be responsible for this later.

How To Get The Certification

In order to get a certification from the scheme in approval of your request then you have to carefully consider the following steps which are mandatory and have to be done in time. However the scheme that you take up will be dictate the requirements that you will be required to provide. However for general purposes then you should put a consideration into the factors below.

  • Firstly is that all the documents that have been stated in the fleet operator recognition scheme publications must be readily available for the view of the person in charge to confirm their details.
  • Second is that the recommendation to our customers is that they take time to go through our service before they actually make a decision to join us so that they are fully settled and know what they want.
  • Third is that the potential client has to have an quotation. This includes the application form well filled and if necessary any grants that they may wish to provide. Remember that this is a voluntary activity.
  • Fourth is that the potential client is then supposed to provide the original quotation to a comprehensive audit. It is very important that you also present the same to your employees and the drivers of your fleet.
  • Fifth is the revision of the quotation. The mistakes that might have come up on the quotation during the audit can be corrected at this instance.

Finally the last step that you are obligated to do is to renew the same once it has expired.

This are the basic steps of joining the fleet operator recognition scheme FORS.

As mentioned are we are now part of this scheme thus offering you even more excellent service.


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