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Case Study: Hydraulic Hose Replacement on a Forklift

By Completely Blogger | May 8, 2024
Case Study: Hydraulic Hose Replacement on a Forklift

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At Completely Hydraulic, precision and timely service define our approach. This case study focuses on a recent task involving the replacement of hydraulic hoses on a forklift, showcasing our commitment to maintaining essential equipment for businesses.


A critical forklift used in daily operations at a busy warehouse showed signs of hydraulic failure, which risked significant downtime and potential safety issues. The challenge was not only to replace the hoses swiftly but also to make sure that the hydraulic system was restored to optimal functionality.


Case Study: Hydraulic Hose Replacement on a Forklift


Our team at Completely Hydraulic responded promptly to the call. The first step was a thorough inspection to see what the extent of wear and damage to the hydraulic hoses were. Using high-quality replacements, from our trusted distributor our skilled technician replaced the damaged hoses, making sure all fittings were secure and leak-proof.

  • Hydraulic Hose Inspection: Checking for abrasions, cracks, and any signs of wear and tear.
  • Pressure Testing: Making sure the new hoses could stand the operational pressures of the forklift.
  • System Calibration: Adjusting the hydraulic system to create a smooth operation after the repair.


The forklift was working optimally within a few hours and the downtime was minimised. The new hydraulic hoses improved the equipment’s efficiency and safety, providing peace of mind for our client.

  • Reduced Downtime: Quick turnaround creating minimal disruption.
  • Enhanced Safety and Efficiency: Reliable hydraulics reduced the risk of future breakdowns.

Reflection by the Riverside

After the repair, it was lunchtime and our engineer took a brief rest by the scenic Thames, reflecting on the job well executed. This moment of pause symbolises our belief in balance—hard work followed by moments of rest.


Case Study: Hydraulic Hose Replacement on a Forklift



Broader Impact

Completely Hydraulic does much more too as we’re deeply involved in our community, supporting local initiatives and sports, as seen in our sponsorships ranging from football teams to local champions. Click the links below to see some of the other things we take part in.

We believe in giving back, making an impact beyond the mechanical work.


This forklift repair case study shows Completely Hydraulic’s commitment to quality, safety, and community engagement. Every repair is a step towards enhancing operational reliability for our clients while fostering community spirit.


FAQ 1: What are the signs that hydraulic hoses on a forklift need replacing?

Answer: The most common signs include visible wear or damage such as cracks, leaks, or abrasions on the hoses. Reduced hydraulic performance or unusual noises during operation can also indicate issues requiring a hose inspection or replacement.

FAQ 2: How often should hydraulic hoses be inspected or replaced?

Answer: Hydraulic hoses should be inspected regularly, typically every three months, and replaced every one to two years depending on usage and environmental conditions. Always refer to the forklift manufacturer’s guidelines for specific maintenance schedules.

FAQ 3: What are the risks of delaying hydraulic hose replacement?

Answer: Delaying hose replacement can lead to hydraulic fluid leaks, which not only cause environmental hazards but can also result in decreased hydraulic efficiency, potential machine failure, or safety risks due to sudden loss of pressure.

FAQ 4: Can I replace hydraulic hoses on a forklift myself?

Answer: While minor hydraulic maintenance can be performed by trained personnel, hose replacement often requires specialised knowledge and tools for safety and efficiency. It’s recommended to have a professional service like Completely Hydraulic handle significant hydraulic repairs.

FAQ 5: What improvements can I expect after replacing hydraulic hoses?

Answer: After replacing hydraulic hoses, operators can expect improved machine performance, reliability, and safety. New hoses help maintain the required pressure and fluid flow, this makes the hydraulic system function at its best.


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