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By Completely Blogger | February 5, 2019
heavy plant equipment

Types of Heavy Construction Equipment and their Application

The construction industry is highly recognised in the world and requires heavy equipment to complete various construction projects of virtually any size.

Heavy construction equipment can be used in small-scale home building and even large-scale commercial and industrial projects.

Earth-moving equipment comes in many forms and entails machines that can be used for evacuation purposes and for grading soil and rock. Earth movers are very effective at speeding earthwork as well as material handling.

In general, heavy equipment also speeds up construction and demolition. Most of these pieces of equipment are designed to handle multiple functions, which makes them indispensable on typical job sites.

Common Heavy Construction Equipment


These are among the most common construction equipment driven by wheels or tracks, although tracks are the most common.

The typical evacuator features a long bucket-arm firmly attached to a pivoting cab and can undergo a 360-degree rotation.

heavy plant equipment

The cab is meant for the operator who sits in there to have excellent good visibility of the entire site he or she is working on. The high versatility of evacuators and the special attachments and fittings make them ideal for specialty jobs. Evacuators are mostly used for material handling, demolition, evacuating trenches, rough grading, brush cutting, mining, river dredging, and heavy lifting.

Backhoe Loaders

Known simply as backhoes, they have a body that resembles that of a farm tractor, with an adjustable front shovel and a small bucket positioned in the back to facilitate digging.

They are regarded as medium-sized equipment to handle smaller projects, with the ability to work in limited spaces to carry out various operations. In addition, they perform various tasks, including digging trenches and holes, moving dirt, backfill evacuations, and placing pipes as well as other materials. Since they are wheel-driven, they can also be used to perform operations in urban areas or driven to job sites.


They are reputable for being among the strongest and most reliable conventional heavy construction equipment with authority in the construction industry.

The extremely heavy machine is very powerful and often used for moving dirt along extensive tracts of land in the open. With a wide and flat blade positioned in the front part, the bulldozer can also be operated with the help of two hydraulic pistons that aid in moving the blade in limited angles and depths. You can use a bulldozer to move piles of rubbish, dirt, and piles of earth to the desired location. Its considerable weight is also helpful in crashing large boulders, alongside other small- and large-scale operations.


No matter how well you take care of your piece of heavy construction equipment, it will eventually breakdown.

However, proper maintenance of machinery and equipment is required to ensure your business is running with minimum or no downtime. You can get high-quality parts from UK’s most reputable manufacturers recognised worldwide.

Fortunately, suppliers of genuine hydraulic parts and components deliver to clients in Kent, Essex, Heathrow, and London. It is often recommended to work with highly-trained and experienced engineers and technicians to perform specialised repair and replacement of hydraulic parts.

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