Hydraulic Hose List Guide: The Types and Their Lifespan

By Completely Blogger | September 11, 2023
Guide for hydraulic hoses

Unraveling the World of Hydraulic Hoses

Welcome hydraulic hose aficionados to the ultimate inside scoop on these underappreciated but oh-so-important components of fluid power.

In the high-pressure, fast-paced world of hydraulics, hoses often get overlooked, considered mere conduits for moving fluid from point A to B. But there’s more to these flexible tubes than meets the eye. Like a blood vessel in the human body, the right hydraulic hose keeps things flowing smoothly and strongly.

Join me as we look into the types, functions and life cycles of the top hoses on the market. Whether you’re a veteran hydraulic pro or new to the game, you’ll learn how to pick the perfect hose for your application. Whether you are looking at suction to high pressure, thermoplastic to steel braid, we’ve got you covered.

Consider this your insider’s guide to the unsung heroes of hydraulic systems as we explore what makes each hose unique, its ideal operating conditions and events to maximise its lifespan and if you’re not a hose expert now you’ll be one in no time!

So grab your safety glasses and let’s get elbow-deep in hydraulic hose knowledge.


Guide for hydraulic hoses

What is a Hydraulic Hose?

At first glance, the hydraulic hose is deceivingly simple – just a flexible rubber tube that transfers fluid from point A to B but when you look closer at this unassuming component and a brilliantly engineered system is revealed.

The heart of the hydraulic hose is an inner rubber tube made of synthetic materials like neoprene or nitrile rubber. This provides a smooth, flexible conduit to efficiently move hydraulic fluid.

To withstand extremely high pressures, the hose needs strength and this is accomplished by adding reinforcing layers around the inner tube – spirals, braids or wraps made of fibre, wire or other metals – the reinforcements provide a powerful support structure.

The final outer layer is a tough rubber cover designed to protect the hose from external damage like abrasion, corrosion and crushing hazards.

Combined, these elements create a hose tailor-made to transport pressurised hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic fittings on the hose ends allow simple connections into hydraulic machinery circuitry.

Deceptively basic on the outside but engineered for performance on the inside, the hydraulic hose is a marvel of hydraulic engineering. Its unique composite construction allows it to move fluid safely and reliably at extremely high pressures in demanding industrial environments.

Types of Hydraulic Hoses

Let’s dive into the comprehensive list of hydraulic hoses:

Hose Type Description Typical Lifespan
Suction Hose Used for vacuum applications, handling suction up to 29 inHg. Rigid construction prevents collapsing under vacuum. 5-6 years
Return Line Hose Transports fluid back to the reservoir in a closed-loop hydraulic system. Designed for medium pressures with a flexible rubber or PVC construction. 4-5 years
Reinforced Hose Contains reinforcing layers like wire mesh or textile braiding, providing high pressure capabilities. 10+ years
Thermoplastic Hose Constructed of nylon, polyurethane or other plastics. Lightweight and flexible, resistant to oils and chemicals. 3-5 years
Steel Braided Hose Steel wire braiding provides strength and durability up to 5,000 psi. 7-10 years
Flexible Low Pressure Hose Lightweight, movable hoses for pressures under 1500 psi. Made of rubber or plastic. 2-4 years
High Pressure Hydraulic Hose Engineered for pressures exceeding 3000 psi with multiple reinforcement layers. 3-5 years
Four-Spiral Hose Four alternating wire spirals allow pressures to 6,000 psi and tight bend radii. 7-10 years
Flange Hose Flanged ends bolt directly to system ports for easy installation. 4-6 years
Metric Fitting Hose Designed with metric dimensions for imported/exported machinery. Varies
JIC Hydraulic Hose Standardized 37° flare fittings enable interchangeability up to 5,000 psi. Varies
Multipurpose Hose Compatible with oil, air and water. Nitrile tube and nylon reinforcement. 5 years
Constant Pressure Hose Resists permeability to maintain consistent pressure unaffected by fluid. 5-7 years
Rubber Hydraulic Hose Classic hydraulic line of rubber tube, fabric reinforcement and rubber cover. Varies
Teflon Hose PTFE lining is non-stick and resistant to chemicals. 5-7 years
Farm Application Hose Engineered for ag equipment hydraulic systems. Highly flexible. 4-6 years
Hydraulic Twin Line Two hydraulic lines bonded for single connection. Varies
Composite Hose Helically wound fibre reinforcement up to 5,500 psi. 6-8 years


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Guide for hydraulic hoses

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After journeying through hydraulic hose types galore, one thing is clear – there’s a perfect hose for every application.

Whether enduring the vibrations of agricultural equipment or withstanding ultra-high pressures exceeding 6,000 psi, manufacturers have an engineered solution. Materials from rubber to Teflon, reinforcement methods from wire mesh to steel braiding, fittings and sizes for every machine – hydraulic hose diversity is astounding.

While choice is reassuring, it can also lead to confusion. When sourcing hydraulic hoses, consult experts like the pros at Completely Hydraulic. and explain your operating conditions, fluid type, and any special requirements. You will get guidance and you’ll discover the ideal hoses to keep your systems flowing smoothly for years to come.

Remember – hydraulic hoses may seem simple, but their complexity is profound and matching the hose to the application prevents problems and makes for maximum hose lifecycles. A hydraulic system is only as strong as its hoses!

Looking for more information on hoses and fittings? Check out this other guide or explore industrial hose fittings.


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