Hydraulic Boat Lift Repair

By Completely Blogger | October 9, 2020
hydraulic boat lift repair

Common Hydraulic Boat Lift Repair Problems and Possible Solutions

Towards the middle of the fall season, boat owners start looking at the performance of their boat lift.

They resolve any hydraulic boat lift repair issues in readiness for the winter season.

They have to ensure their piece of equipment can last through the entire season and its freezing temperatures.


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Equipment issues should not keep you from enjoying the waters next year. Below are common boat lift repair issues to watch out for.

  1. Drifting boat lift platform

In some cases, the drifting boat loft platform drifts down. This occurs when there are issues with hydraulic boat lifts. You can try cycling your equipment up and down to get rid of any air in the system and checking the oil in the equipment’s reservoir for possible contamination. Oil levels that are too low are also likely to cause this problem. If none of these is the problem, you may want to consult a professional boat lift dealer or repair technician. Professionals can check to see if the oil seeps past the lift cylinder, in which case they may have to check your control valves or lift tube as well.

  1. Boat lift cables

Fraying or rusty boat lift cables require immediate attention and they should be replaced immediately. Some manufacturers recommend periodic cable replacement, typically once every few years even if signs of wear are not visible. It is better to be proactive and take precautionary measures than wait for a problem to occur before you can fix it. You may use penetrating oil to help enhance the performance of your cables, as the oil reduces abrasive wear on the cable strands and help to protect them against other related problems such as corrosion.

  1. Noise in your boat lift

    hydraulic boat lift repair

A noisy boat lift during operation indicates a problem with the system, including but not limited to ungreased gears. It is recommended to have a regular inspection routine even if it is just once a month to ensure the belts are tight and not fraying. The air in the system could also cause your boat lift to produce noise. This can be characterised by a squealing noise as the boat lift operates. The noise may be coming from the pump. Raising and lowering the platform a couple of times can help to eliminate any trapped air. Just ensure you do so without any load. Should the problem persist even after doing the above-recommended solutions, seek help from a professional dealer or repair technician.

  1. Electrical boat lift wiring

The boat electrical wiring may present several problems for boat lift owners, especially if the problem is from the motor and controls. If your boat lift seems to be rising too high, then there might be a problem with your circuit controls. The electrical wiring can be complex to repair safely, so consider contacting a professional electrician to help you.

Therefore, hydraulic boat lift concerns can be caused by various problems, including issues with the cable, platform problems, ungreased gears, electrical wiring issues, and more. Be sure to contact a professional boat lift repair technician for safety and reliability.

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