Hydraulic Dock Levellers

By Completely Blogger | August 6, 2020
hydraulic dock levellers

Why You Should Consider Hydraulic Dock Levellers

A dock leveller is an important piece of equipment that helps to service several different types of trucks and vehicles usually found at the loading dock.hydraulic dock levellers

To help promote the safety of people (operators), goods, and property, loading dock or loading bay owners use the dock leveller because it also facilitates the loading and unloading of goods and services more efficiently.

In typical warehouse operations where there are several trucks and vehicles, dock levellers have become so much important that some loading dock owners find them indispensable and continue to be a must-have item for virtually every busy warehouse.

There are mechanical dock levellers and mechanical dock levellers and you can choose any depending on your needs and preference. However, here’s why you should consider hydraulic dock levellers.

Any loading bay owner knows that safety and reliability and some of the most important things to consider when it comes to loading bay equipment.

Hydraulic dock levellers have been popular for providing free-fall protection through a velocity fuse. If these pieces of equipment didn’t have this feature, they would descend rapidly when the truck or other heavy-duty vehicle pulled away unexpectedly.

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This could result in serious injury and/or damage to property and products. Health and safety in the workplace have become very important in today’s business environment.


For smooth operations, workers should be fully protected from any unfortunate eventualities and accidents that might occur due to equipment failure, carelessness and negligence. A properly equipped and well-maintained hydraulic dock leveller provides a healthy working environment for equipment operators and other workers to help prevent accidents caused by rapid leveller descent.

Heavy loads can put much stress on your leveller, which makes it even more important to have stronger and well-maintained levellers to avoid equipment malfunction.

Another benefit to a hydraulic dock leveller is that the lip control allows the machine operator to extend the equipment’s lip or even stop the entire platform when needed, even when the leveller is moving or travelling. This is very useful during loading expediency when productivity needs to be as high as possible. Some of the standard features on the typical hydraulic dock leveller include structural support, single push-button activation, integral maintenance strut, and power-in/ power-out lip control among others.

A high-quality piece of equipment of this nature is designed to meet the strenuous demands of high-volume loading docks typical in any busy loading area.

So, if you’re planning to install a new piece of equipment, replace an existing or simply upgrade to a new facility, you should carefully consider quality and reliability, as these are some of the most important aspects of high-quality equipment.

You want to make your work environment as safe as possible to avoid personal injuries that could result in a huge compensation that could set your business back several weeks or even months back. The only way to ensure safety, reliability, and performance is to contract a professional engineer or technician in London, Essex, Heathrow, Kent or any other part of the UK near you to perform all your hydraulic dock leveller repairs, maintenance and installation.


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