Hydraulic Lifts and Platforms

By Completely Blogger | February 25, 2019
hydraulic lift platform

Importance of Hydraulic Lifts and Platforms

hydraulic lift and platforms

A hydraulic lift is a machine or elevator that uses hydraulic fluid apparatus to move or raise objects and vehicles in a garage or station using force formed when pressure is exerted on the hydraulic liquid in a piston.

The hydraulic lift has a variety of applications in the real world; from transporting objects in construction sites to lifting shipping containers, cars, and people, just but a few. Operation, piston, and size of cylinder can either be holed or holeless hydraulic lift.

Holeless hydraulic means no pit for cylinder as the piston acts directly mounted on the floor with corners at bottom of lift car while holed hydraulic lift means a hole is required in the floor for a lift, as a cylinder encases piston and pushes/lifts the car on the ground.

Types of Hydraulic Lifts

There are four types of hydraulic lifts namely goods and car lifts, hospital and stretcher lifts, capsule lifts, and passenger lifts. Goods/car lifts, forklifts and jacks are practical for pallets, car containers, and goods. Passenger lifts are used to elevate people and light goods to different floors of tall buildings.

Importance of hydraulic lifts

Hydraulic lifts are important general aspects of engineering because they make applications used in construction, shipping and automotive industries.

The concept has an enormous contribution to the modernisation of technology.

Compared to conventional lifts, the hydraulic lift is very economical because it uses a hydraulic fluid other than expensive sources of energy.

They are also reliable and excellently combine energy usage that results in reduced cost in the long run. Compared to traction lifts, there’s no need for space above shaft for holding machinery and, being that system is supported by the floor, there’s no extra reinforcement needed.

With hydraulic lifts, accidents are easily avoided due to the lack of cables.hydraulic platforms

In addition, there’s no need for three phase power and it can come down during power shortage by the opening of manual valves It is a low-service and -maintenance technology, with no wear on ropes or pulleys typical with conventional lifts, and parts replacement is seldom.

They are also safe during repair and service because there are no moving parts and designs, with no constraints. The hydraulics concept is time-saving on loading and offloading, especially for trucks, as it aids in the entire process and reduces the number of employees needed for loading and unloading. You can adjust landing speed without relying on output speed, and this helps in increasing traffic without engine power adjustment.


The hydraulic lift is the future of engineering, with visible transformations currently evident in many industries, from lumber work, welding, and construction.

With the capability to lift more than two tonnes, low risk of injury, simplification of tasks and longer life span to make your life much easier, this technology is ideal.

Hydraulic platforms are reliable, with minimal accidents and injuries. They are inexpensive to maintain and produce impeccable results that lead to great productivity rates. Due to their generally low noise or quietness, they can be used at home and in offices without possible noise disturbance.

Your engineer in Essex, Kent, Heathrow or London can help you choose the right hydraulic lift and platform that meets your needs.

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