Hydraulic Oil: What it is and Why it is Important

By Completely Blogger | June 23, 2022
hydraulic oil supply

Hydraulic oil plays a crucial role in hydraulic machinery and equipment and its importance cannot be overemphasized.

Hydraulic oil, for instance, is used as a lubricant to guarantee the smooth operation of machinery and equipment.

As the owner or operator of hydraulic machinery or equipment, you have a responsibility to ensure your hydraulic parts are well lubricated and experience minimal abrasion that could result in unwarranted wear and tear.

Hydraulic oil is also used in coolants for purposes of cooling machinery parts, especially the engine. It is sometimes used as a sealant to seal certain parts of the machinery.

Many industries, including aviation, construction, and manufacturing commonly use hydraulic oil in their day-to-day operations.



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What is Hydraulic Oil and What is it Used for?

Also known as hydraulic fluid, hydraulic oil is a combination of mineral oil and additives to help power hydraulic machinery and equipment so that they move loads with minimal effort.

The application of hydraulic fluid is evident in the braking system of machines and the lifting of heavy loads without using much effort.

With the application of just a small amount of force, hydraulic machinery can output a disproportionately large amount of force as a result.



Hydraulic oil supply



Hydraulic oil has numerous applications, including in lifts found in tall urban buildings and skyscrapers.

Hydraulic power is often required to help the movement of different applications. It can also be used in power steering to steer vehicles which would otherwise require a large amount of power or force to steer.

This is especially important in large trucks and large commercial vehicles that often require a huge amount of force to control due to their relatively large size and weight.

Another common application of hydraulic oil is evident in flight control systems. Aircraft has also leveraged the power of hydraulic fluid to power its different moving parts.




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Despite the widespread application of hydraulic fluid, hydraulic machinery owners and operators need to ensure the correct hydraulic fluid is used for the relevant application.

Using the wrong hydraulic oil can have some devastating effects on your machinery and even damage some of its parts.

Your hydraulic oil supply should be the correct oil for you and your hydraulic machinery needs. A hydraulic engineer or technician can help you identify the correct oil, which can be a blend of mineral oil and additives to help serve the intended purpose.

Some hydraulic oil manufacturers and suppliers blend their own hydraulic oils in case you require something tailored to your needs.





So, choosing your hydraulic oil supply is an important part of hydraulic machinery maintenance.

High-quality hydraulic oils are not only mineral-based with additives but also boost the anti-foam, anti-wear, and anti-rust properties.

They also enhance the oxidation resistance of the hydraulic fluid.

High-performance hydraulic oils provide your hydraulic systems with long life, allowing them to perform at optimum levels. To get the best hydraulic oil supply in Kent, Heathrow, Essex, London, or the wider UK, you need to ask your hydraulic engineer for advice.




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