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By Completely Blogger | February 25, 2020
hydraulic power packs

What are Hydraulic Power Packs and How are They Used?

The advent of hydraulics has made it easier to lift and move heavy loads that initially required too much work or effort.

Today, the concept of hydraulics is used to power several industrial and automotive applications.hydraulic power packs

Pressurised fluids are used to provide the hydraulic power needed to run machinery and hydraulic power packs provide the necessary hydraulic power to a valve in a separate machine.

They are standalone devices and not the typical built-in power supply used to power hydraulic machinery.

They vary in sizes, as some are large and more stationary/static or difficult to more around whereas others are small and portable.

Hydraulic power packs house their fluid in a hydraulic reservoir, which is also some sort of a regulator that allows users and machine operators to control the pressure the power pack outputs to a valve, relief lines and pressure supply lines, and a motor and a pump that is powered by the motor.

Hydraulic power packs are also designed to provide the option of valve connections.

That way, users can connect them to one or more control valves and power various machines. Therefore, the hydraulic power from the power pack is supplied via a control valve to enable the user or machine operator to run a separate machine.


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In regards to maintenance, hydraulic power packs should undergo regular maintenance to ensure they are more efficient and to extend their service life.

If you want them to serve you better for longer, you should schedule regular maintenance.

This will also help to prevent accidents and unnecessary downtime whilst allowing safe operation. Part of the maintenance job includes checking the tubes to find out whether they have cracks, dents, holes or other issues that require attention, checking and changing the hydraulic fluid when necessary, and checking the reservoir for signs of rust or corrosion.


The hydraulic power pack is made up of different components: the hydraulic reservoir, which comes in different sizes and holds the fluid; regulators, which are critical in the maintenance and control of the amount of pressure delivered by the hydraulic power pack; pressure supply and relief lines, which supply the fluid under pressure to the pump and relieves pressure between the valves and the pump, respectively; and the pump and a motor, which forces the fluid from the reservoir and pushes it into the inlet line before pumping it.

The work of the motor is to power the pump, which does the rest of the work.

So, hydraulic power packs are important in the concept of hydraulics.

Different machines rely on them to perform their function.

If a machine is required to do the heavy lifting, then a hydraulic power pack can be of great assistance.

Some of the machinery and equipment that rely on them include evacuators and bulldozers, which are very powerful and perform labour-intensive work. Whether you’re in the building and construction industry or specialise in cargo, you’re probably already using one of these.


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