Swift Hydraulic Repair for Tug Boat on River Thames

By Completely Blogger | June 6, 2023
Hydraulic hose repair on tug boat


Navigating Challenges: Completely Hydraulic’s Quick Response to a Tug Boat Emergency on the River Thames

Executive Summary:

This case study looks into how a major hydraulic hose breakdown on a tug boat operating on the River Thames was quickly and efficiently fixed by Completely Hydraulic. Our prompt reaction and skilled repair work allowed for little downtime, making it possible for the tug boat to quickly continue working.

About the Client:

On the River Thames, one of the busiest waterways in the UK, our client is a well-known tug boat operator. They support the bustling marine activity that passes through the centre of London every day with a diversified fleet of vessels.

The efficient running of the river’s commercial, logistical, and recreational activities depends on their services. Their work is essential to the thriving nautical environment of the Thames, from assisting with cargo loading and unloading to securely navigating larger ships through the river’s channels.


Hydraulic hose repair on tug boat

The Challenge:

A serious hydraulic breakdown happened during normal operations on a tug boat, which calls for the repair or replacement of all hydraulic hoses on its HIAB. Operations were in danger of stopping, which may have resulted in significant delays and losses in revenue. This important issue required an immediate remedy as specified by the client.



Hydraulic hose repair on tug boat


The Solution:

The call to Completely Hydraulic was placed as soon as the urgent issue arose. Our staff, which is knowledgeable and skilled in managing high-pressure circumstances, was sent right away to the scene. When a tug boat is out of commission in the middle of the busy River Thames in London, it’s obvious that time is of the essence.

As soon as we arrived, our team got to work. An in-depth examination of the issue was the first step. In order to do this, it was necessary to determine the extent of the hydraulic hose failure and to understand the particular needs of the HIAB system on the tug boat. In this step, the extensive hydraulic system expertise of our team was vital since it enabled us to identify the issue and develop an effective solution in good time.

After finishing the assessment, we immediately started making the repairs. Armed with the required equipment and spare hoses, our team started the difficult job of replacing each hydraulic hose on the HIAB. The project needed accuracy, knowledge, and an in-depth understanding of the workings of the system.

Our team maintained a single goal throughout the entire process: to return the tug boat to service as quickly as possible. Each hose was meticulously placed and tested to make sure it was working properly. Our team’s dedication to excellence and focus on the little things made sure that the project was done not just swiftly but also correctly.

System install Maintenance Service

The Results:

The tug boat was back in service with little disruption due to our quick response and effective repairs. The client was able to effectively carry on with their maritime operations, avoiding additional delays and potential financial losses. This incident showed that we can perform well under duress and supply essential services when they are most required.


This case study demonstrates Completely Hydraulic’s dedication to offering prompt, dependable, and knowledgeable services in situations that are urgent. Our capacity to react promptly and make repairs efficiently under time constraints guarantees that our clients may continue their essential tasks with little interruption. Completely Hydraulic is a reliable partner and is prepared to meet your needs for any hydraulic system.



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