Hydraulics and Fire Engines

By Completely Blogger | February 10, 2020
Hydraulic and fire trucks

Why Fire Trucks Require Regular Hydraulic Maintenance

Hydraulically powered rescue equipment and tools are commonly used by the fire service today.

The typical hydraulic power unit comprises hydraulic hoses, hydraulic fluid, a hydraulic fluid reservoir, a pump power source, directional/relief controls, a hydraulic pump, and connectors.

The hydraulic pump is operated by the hydraulic power unit and supplies flow and pressure to the hoses, channels the hydraulic fluid flow to the specified outlet, holds a given amount of hydraulic fluid, and helps to relieve system overpressure. The right hydraulic fluid is required for optimal operation.

Hydraulics and Fire Engines

To prevent failure and malfunction of fire trucks and ladder trucks whilst ensuring they are safe, it is important to have the trucks periodically inspected by a qualified and professional hydraulic engineer or technician.

What Is The Regular Maintenance?

Regular maintenance comprises operation checks and general inspection and adjustment. Hydraulic engineers recommend that the fire service should have their fire trucks undergo regular hydraulic maintenance to ensure they are in the best shape and safe for use.

Hydraulic Repair for the Fire Service

As the saying goes … ‘prevention is better than cure’. Instead of waiting for the system to malfunction before taking action, the fire service should have their trucks regularly inspected for purposes of failure prevention. Identifying problems earlier before they happen can help to prevent failures and fatalities whilst guaranteeing safe use.

Being able to detect problems arising from operation and depreciation can help to keep the fire service equipment in the best shape for use. The inspection report can also be used to schedule maintenance.

Multifunctional fire trucks are expected to deliver advanced performance during firefighting and rescue. Fire trucks, in general, have complex piping and wiring networks for electrical, hydraulic, and foam liquid systems. They should undergo annual maintenance besides the daily or monthly inspections to ensure the systems continue to perform at optimum levels.


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Fire Trucks Should Get Maintenance Reports

Another major reason fire service trucks should undergo regular maintenance is because the fire service will be issued with a maintenance report.

Following maintenance, the hydraulic engineer or technician will issue a maintenance report outlining the findings of the inspection, with a maintenance program proposal based on the findings.

The findings and recommendations from the inspection help to provide fire truck repair services. They may also recommend that they fire trucked be overhauled to recover system functionality and boost safe performance.

Some fire departments do not have full-time fire truck maintenance units to handle their hydraulic repair needs.

As a result, most repair jobs are contracted to qualified hydraulic repair service companies with well-trained and experienced technicians.

So, you can have your fire service equipment inspected and scheduled for maintenance to ensure they are in the best shape possible to carry out their tasks as required. Besides, you’ll be issued with a maintenance report outlining the details of the inspection, with recommendations regarding what should be done to ensure the pieces of equipment are safe for use. There are qualified hydraulic technicians and engineers in Kent, London, Heathrow, and even Essex.


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