Hydraulic Repair and Design

By Completely Blogger | November 20, 2019
hydraulic repair and design

The Evolution of Hydraulic Repair and Design

The concept of hydraulic repair and design took over the fluid power industry during the 20th century and continues to remain dominant throughout the 21st century as the technology continues to improve.hydraulics repair and design

The concept is based on reliability, innovation, and economic value.

Hydraulic repairs allow many products to be reused and given a second life through the refurbishing process.

It is undeniable that the industry has evolved over the years and allowed for the invention of more sophisticated hydraulic machinery and equipment to help perform tasks more efficiently and within a relatively short time.

With evolving hydraulic repair and design industry, better and more sophisticated technologies have been developed to enhance repaired components function to near originality.

Repaired units need to look and function like new ones, which makes the aesthetic and engineering aspects important in the repair-rebuild process.

The manufacturer or original designer should outline the extent to which repairs of components can be done.

This means compiling the repair procedure and identifying the components to be repaired if need be. In the past, only a few hydraulic product manufacturers created an engineering-oriented procedure manual as a guide.


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However, these manuals need to be reviewed constantly to ensure they contain updated information, as the extent of repair tends to change with the advent of more advanced machining technologies.

As highly engineered pumps, valves, controls, and motors were developed to complement related machine functions, it increasingly became important to have repaired components and units working with the same efficiency as the original ones. In this regard, today’s components should adhere to shape, form, and function as the original designer or manufacturer intended.

On several occasions, hydraulic service becomes OEM’s responsibility, but upon the expiry of the machinery or equipment, the OEMs may become unable to service the equipment.

At that point, the responsibility of maintaining and repairing the equipment shifts to the end users. The end hydraulic products are often spread across the world, far away from the manufacturer and with no repair or service centres.

End users are forced to look for fast responsive and economical alternatives to help maintain their machinery and equipment with reduced downtime. Often, the end user considers the manufacturer’s original parts and components for convenience and reliability, as these parts are considered genuine and durable. Where these parts and components are available at high prices, end users may consider cheaper and more generic alternatives.


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The concept of hydraulic repair and design is not new to the world of hydraulics, as it gained prominence in the 20th century and has continued to advance and become better throughout the 21st century.

Therefore, if your hydraulic equipment or machinery has broken down, it is advisable to seek the manufacturer’s original parts before considering other alternatives because they tend to be genuine and more durable.

Whether you’re in London, Essex, Kent, Heathrow or any other part of the UK, you can consult your hydraulic engineer or technician to advise you on the best component or part for your hydraulic machinery or equipment.

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