Completely Hydraulic Sponsors Rising Star: Boxer Lewis Driver's Journey in the Featherweight Division

By Completely Blogger | January 30, 2024
Lewis Driver Boxer sponsored by Completely Hydraulic

The Power of Partnership: Completely Hydraulic’s Role in Lewis’s Boxing Career

Lewis Driver, a 17-year-old prodigy from Smokey’s Boxing Academy, is not just any amateur boxer. His dedication to the sport is evident from his constant pursuit of improvement and his impressive string of successes in the featherweight division. With a clear vision, Lewis aims to compete as frequently as possible, believing that gaining experience is paramount in these formative years of his career.

The bond between an athlete and their sponsor is pivotal, and for Lewis Driver, this partnership with Completely Hydraulic has been a cornerstone of his burgeoning career. The company’s support extends beyond financial backing, providing Lewis with the resources and confidence needed to excel in the featherweight division.


Lewis Driver Boxer sponsored by Completely Hydraulic

From Local Rings to International Arenas

Lewis’s boxing journey is a testament to his hard work and determination. In 2023, he clinched the title of Eastern Counties Champion, a significant milestone that paved the way for more opportunities. His relentless spirit took him to the international stage at the box cup in Sweden, where he showcased his skill against top-tier fighters from around the globe. Despite the stiff competition, Lewis emerged victorious in several matches, ultimately securing a silver medal in a nail-biting final against the Swedish national champion.

Key Takeaways

  • Lewis Driver, at 17, is making waves in the amateur boxing world.
  • Became the Eastern Counties Champion in 2023.
  • Won a silver medal at the international box cup in Sweden, underscoring his potential on the global stage.

Lewis’s journey is punctuated by not only his victories but also by the invaluable experiences gained at each match. Whether it’s a local show or an international competition, every fight is a step towards his ultimate goal: to be the best in the featherweight division.

A Winning Partnership: The Role of Completely Hydraulic

In the competitive world of sports, having the right support can make all the difference. For Lewis, this support comes from Completely Hydraulic, the UK’s No.1 Hydraulic services company, known for their commitment to helping talent in various sports disciplines. This partnership is more than just a sponsorship; it’s a vote of confidence in Lewis’s potential and a crucial boost to his boxing career.

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Beyond the Ring: The Impact of Sponsorship on Amateur Sports

Lewis Driver’s journey in the boxing world is a beacon of inspiration, not only to aspiring boxers but to the broader amateur sports community. The support from Completely Hydraulic extends beyond the individual, creating a culture of encouragement and opportunity in amateur sports.

Encouraging Broader Community Engagement

Completely Hydraulic’s commitment to amateur sports is evident and this speaks volumes about their community involvement and ethos. This dedication to nurturing young talent and providing platforms for growth is crucial in the development of amateur sports.

Check out this post about the Concorde Rangers football team they support too.

Building a Legacy of Excellence

As Lewis continues to aim higher in his boxing career, the support from Completely Hydraulic ensures that his journey is not just about personal achievement but about inspiring others and contributing to the legacy of amateur sports. Their partnership is a testament to the power of community and corporate support in nurturing talent and ambition.

Conclusion: A Unified Vision for Success

The story of Lewis Driver and Completely Hydraulic is more than just a tale of athlete sponsorship; it’s a narrative of mutual growth, shared values, and a unified vision for success. As Lewis prepares for his next challenge, he does so with the backing of a company that not only believes in his potential but is also committed to the broader development of amateur sports. Together, they are setting a benchmark for how businesses can play a pivotal role in the sporting world, proving that success is not just measured by trophies, but by the lives touched and inspired along the way


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