Power Packs for Dock Levellers

By Completely Blogger | August 21, 2020
dock leveller power packs

Choosing Good Power Packs for Dock Levellers

Also known as hydraulic power units, hydraulic power packs or simply power packs used for dock levellers comprise a self-contained system made up of a motor, a pump, and a fluid reservoir.

It works by providing the hydraulic pressure required to drive cylinders, motors and other complementary parts of a specific hydraulic system.

Mini power packs can provide power of standard range up to 5.5kW. This helps to provide various solutions for various applications, including dock levellers, tippers, stackers, wheelchair lifts, car lifts, and more.

There are several different types of hydraulic power packs for different dock leveller applications.

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However, it is important to note that some are more popular than others because of one reason or another. They are commonly used for dock leveller loading bay equipment or with a single/ double acting lip cylinder. They are also popularly used with a single-acting main cylinder.

Qualities of good power packs for dock levellers

  • Consistent reliability and performance
  • Low noise
  • Low vibration
  • Customised hydraulic solutions for your dock leveller
  • Low defect rates
  • Prolonged service life at least when compared to other similar products on the market
  • Manufactured to customer specifications and considering the variation in requirements

How typical power packs for dock levellers work

The power unit for dock levellers is essential where operators need to float ramps while leveraging an emergency stop function if they have to.dock leveller power packs

The ramp rises when the pump is operating and the lip extends automatically when the ramp cylinder completes its stroke.

Similarly, the ramp cylinder retracts when the pump comes to a halt. An emergency stop is often achieved when the solenoid valve becomes energised.

Hydraulic system failure can occur in several different forms but at least 80% of all these issues are caused by hydraulic oil.

Therefore, it is important to observe the correct use of this component to ensure reliability of the entire system.

The oil viscosity should also meet ISO3448 viscosity classification, which is 22-46 mm2/s. This oil also needs to be filtered using a 10-30um filter before it can be deemed fit for use. In this regard, N46 hydraulic oil is often desired.

It is important to remember that clean hydraulic parts work better and last longer. So, you should do so before you mount any mini hydraulic power pack. You should also ensure that you check the oil level to ensure the tank has sufficient oil after you run your small hydraulic power unit. Practice changing the oil after about 100 hours of initial operations and once every 3000 hours afterwards.

Regardless, power packs for dock levellers play a crucial role in the loading bay and provide electricity to power loading bay equipment.

What you have to understand is that not all power packs are the same and that some perform better than others and are likely to provide more value over the long run. If you are having a problem choosing the right power packs for your dock levellers, you might want to consult your engineer or technician near you, whether you’re in London, Essex, Kent, Heathrow or any other part of the UK.

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