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Service Plug Mixbox
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Service Plug Mixbox Seals Hoses Or Rigid Pipes To Avoid Oil And Chemicals Spills During Maintenance And Repair.

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High quality service plug for industrial use is made to secure fluid and chemicals from hoses from leaking out making life easier during repair or maintenance. You simply push it in the pipe or hose and twist.

  • VERY FLEXIBLE: You can make the service plug meet your needs by cutting the length if it’s too long. It’s also resistant to most oils and chemicals and does not contain silcone.
  • NUMBER OF SIZES: The service plug can be used in channels and holes between 1-42mm and it is available in the following sizes: A total of 10 pieces 4 x Micro 1-10mm, 4 x STD 5-22mm and 2 x XL 13-42mm
  • PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT: The service plugs can be use in non-pressurised systems and vacuum systems too but it also prevents water, dust, paint, water and pollution from harming components.
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