All hydraulic cylinders repaired or replaced
Our Hydraulic Trade Depots

Hydraulic Ram & Cylinder Workshop


We hold a comprehensive range of chrome rod and steel tubes in the most popular sizes, along with extensive stocks of seal kits so that we can get your rams back to you in the fastest possible time.
We have in house pressure testing facilities of up to 20,000 PSI. This leaves you with the peace of mind that your ram is in full working order.
In-house system specialists.
Up to 4 metres in length 700mm in diameter.
Up to 20,000 PS! Pressure testing.
New component manufacture.
Quick turnaround time.
Our ram turn around time is typically 2 -3 days depending upon material availability, however it is not unusual for us to complete more basic jobs in under a day.
We have a milling machine for the manufacture of new components. Additionally we are able to get suitable rods re-chromed, hone cylinders, design and modify or manufacture bespoke cylinders to pattern.

Fast Turnaround Time!

Systems Experts
The Intelligent Choice


Need a ram expert to take a look for you? Are you local to London, Kent, Heathrow or Essex. Visit us for a renowned great customer service

Whatever system you need to get your project accomplished or you even if you need a ‘run of the mill’ system which has to be created from scratch. We have the knowledge, experience, manpower, equipment to achieve the task. It will be our pleasure to help, contact us and let us do that, even if it’s just to take advantage of our FREE advice

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Ram Repairs

We can take on any task from cyliner repair to bespoke design projects

Engineering Team

Our experienced team creates solutions for any project across multiple industries

Let Us Quote For You

We will endeavour to beat any existing quote you may have.

Hydraulic Oil & Spares

We can cater from small oil quantities to large volumes at competitive prices

Industries We Serve . . .

These are only a part of some of the industries we serve.

It really varies so much and sometimes we are even surprised that certain equipment have hydraulic parts  . . and they do  . .and we fix or replace, if need be.

Agriculture & Ground Maintenance • Construction & Plant Hire • Military Defence • Facilities Maintenance • Forestry • Manufacturing • Automotive • Marine & Offshore • Materials Handling • Mining, Quarrying & Tunneling • Rail, Road & Air • Utilities • Waste Recycling & Environmental Services • Fairgrounds •Filmsets• Stadiums •Skyscrapers• Lifts and even barber shops.

How quick will you get to me when I call 0800 7076556?
Our reaction time to any problem will surprise you. We will get to you within the hour, but always offer you an honest ETA, however the time of day and the traffic from where we are coming from may have an impact on that.
Are your technicians fully qualified?
Yes they are! All technicians are fully trained and experienced and work to the standard of the British Fluid Power Distributors approved hose assembly standard and to ISO 9001.
Will you fix hydraulic fluid leaks?
Yes we will. Wear and tear from moving parts are some of the most regular appointments we find ourselves repeating in different industries and across different machinery types. As stated in our mission statement our aim is to keep you up and running at all times.
I heard you do hydraulics in skyscrapers. Is this true?
Yes we do! . Its quite surprising how much hydraulic systems play in the day to day of many areas of our lives.  Will find our selves being called out to shops, fairgrounds, films sets, lifts and even skyscrapers and we always get them up and running fast.
Can I send you a video of my machinery breakdown?
We have a service where you can take a short 15 second video of the malfunctioning equipment and WhatsApp it over to us  and if we cannot fix it for you with our knowledgeable advice over the phone we will get someone to come and help super fast!

Take Advantage Of Preventative Maintenance. The Intelligent Choice.

Now you can get recurring, periodic maintenance to help keep equipment moving and working to its full potential.

Preventative maintenance is a really good way of insuring that you are getting the best protection from machinery breakdowns. You can choose from a number of systems which will have our technicians visiting regularly to keep your machinery moving by pre-empting any potential issues that may arise from general wear and tear.

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