Take advantage of our welding and fabrication service. We have the facility to weld all types of metals. For example
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • General Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Carbon Steel
There are 3 types of welding:
  • MIG Welding which is metal inert gas welding.
  • TIG Welding which is tungsten inert gas welding.
  • MMA Welding which is manual metal arc welding
We are experts in the field of welding so no matter what you need whether it is industrial or domestic, we can help. We have the ability to come to you for your welding needs whether it’s at your factory, workplace, site or even your home.

Need On-Site Welding?

Emergency Welding Repairs
& Services

All of our technicians can cater for any size welding project as we can do it on or off site, should you need our services for such we guarantee our skilled workers will achieve an outcome which is of a high professional standard.

Are your technicians fully qualified?

Yes they are! All technicians are fully trained and experienced and work to the standard of the British Fluid Power Distributors approved hose assembly standard and to ISO 9001.

How quick will you get to me when I call.

Our reaction time to any problem will surprise you. We will get to you within the hour, but always offer you an honest ETA, however the time of day and the traffic from where we are coming from may have an impact on that.

Will you weld stainless steel?

Yes we will. We can cater for most types of metals, steel being one of the most used and stainless steel requires a different level of attention to which we are up to speed on .

Ram Repairs

We can take on any task from cyliner repair to bespoke design projects

Engineering Team

Our experienced team creates solutions for any project across multiple industries

Let Us Quote For You

 We will endeavour to beat any existing quote you may have.

Hydraulic Oil & Spares

We can cater from small oil quantities to large volumes at competitive prices


“Completely Hydraulic have been a big help in all areas of our business whether it be hydraulic hoses, rams or just general adapters and fittings.”

“They arrived on site within the hour dismantled the old damaged hoses, made the new hoses and had them delivered to site, refitted and brand new lay-flat attached to the hoses. Rig was up and running by end of day.”

“They arrived really quickly I was very surprised. Thank you! You really saved the day”

Other Popular Services . . .

Need Hoses Replaced Or Fixed?

No matter the size shape or material we have the ability to make bespoke hoses that will fit any machine or equipment.

Need Hydraulic Oil?

Hydraulic oil is graded and we will know what kind you need and whether you need a litre, a drum or more, we can supply.

Need Ram Repairs?

As one of the most popular jobs we do, ram replacement or repairs are what we are really good at. Let us help you today.

Take Advantage Of Preventative Maintenance. The Intelligent Choice.

Now you can get recurring, periodic maintenance to help keep equipment moving and working to its full potential.

Preventative maintenance is a really good way of insuring that you are getting the best protection from machinery breakdowns. You can choose from a number of systems which will have our technicians visiting regularly to keep your machinery moving by pre-empting any potential issues that may arise from general wear and tear.

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