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Case Study: Hydraulic Repairs For Wimbledon Court 1 Cherry Picker

By Completely Blogger | April 22, 2024
Hydraulic Repairs For Wimbledon Court 1 Cherry Picker

Precision Hydraulic Repairs Aced To Elevate Wimbledon Court 1 Operations


In the prestigious surroundings of Wimbledon Court 1, maintaining operational excellence is a requirement and a tradition. This case study explores the emergency hydraulic repairs carried out on a cherry picker, pivotal for maintenance and operational tasks at this iconic venue. We report the challenges, solutions, and outcomes of the repair process, demonstrating Completely Hydraulic’s expertise in delivering high-stakes solutions.



Hydraulic Repairs For Wimbledon Court 1 Cherry Picker




During a routine inspection before the annual Wimbledon tournament, a critical cherry picker used for lighting and camera setup showed hydraulic system failures. The issue posed a significant risk to scheduled pre-tournament preparations, demanding an urgent and precise repair solution to make sure safety and functionality were at it’s best.


Completely Hydraulic was tasked with the emergency repair of the cherry picker.

Their approach was methodical and swift, beginning with a professional diagnostic assessment to pinpoint the faults within the hydraulic system. The repair team focused on several key areas:

  • Leakage and Seal Replacement: Detecting and addressing oil leaks within the hydraulic cylinders, which is needed for smooth operations.
  • Fluid Contamination Control: Flushing the system to remove contaminated fluid that could lead to further hydraulic component degradation.
  • Component Integrity Checks: Ensuring all hydraulic components, such as pumps and valves, were in optimal working condition.

The repair process not only focused on immediate fixes but also aimed to enhance the cherry picker’s long-term reliability and performance.

Learn more about their dedicated cherry picker repair services here.


Hydraulic Repairs For Wimbledon Court 1 Cherry Picker



Post-repair, the cherry picker was restored to full operational capacity within a remarkably tight deadline, ensuring that Wimbledon Court 1 was ready for the international spotlight. The repairs extended the machinery’s lifecycle, improved its performance, and significantly reduced the risk of operational downtime during future events.

Community Impact and Beyond

Completely Hydraulic’s commitment to excellence is mirrored in their community engagement initiatives.

Their support extends beyond professional services to community enrichment, sponsoring local sports teams and athletes, which reflects their dedication to local development and excellence. This ethos is demonstrated through their support for the Concord Rangers U14 football team and backing amateur boxing champion Lewis Driver.

Additionally, their innovative approach to hydraulic technology and repair has been showcased in various sectors, including their remarkable work on an ambulance used in a high-profile movie, detailed here.


System Install Maintenance Service For Hydraulics



The successful hydraulic repairs at Wimbledon Court 1 highlight Completely Hydraulic’s role as a critical service provider in high-pressure environments where precision and efficiency are standard operations. Their ability to perform under tight deadlines without compromising quality ensures that they remain leaders in hydraulic solutions in the UK and beyond.

Key Takeaways

  • Expertise in Hydraulics: Fast diagnosis and repair of complex hydraulic systems are essential in high-stakes settings like Wimbledon.
  • Community Engagement: Commitment to local community initiatives can enhance a company’s reputation and connect with a broader audience and client base.
  • Versatility and Innovation: Demonstrating versatility in hydraulic repairs across different fields showcases the company’s broad expertise and innovative approach to problem-solving.

This case study is a testament to Completely Hydraulic’s technical proficiency and an illustration of how integrated community involvement and professional excellence can elevate a brand’s stature and reliability.

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