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Frequently Asked

Will you fix hydraulic fluid leaks?

Yes we will. Wear and tear from moving parts are some of the most regular appointments we find ourselves repeating in different industries and across different machinery types. As stated in our mission statement our aim is to keep you up and running at all times.

Can I send you a video of my machinery breakdown?

We have a service where you can take a short 15 second video of the malfunctioning equipment and WhatsApp it over to usĀ  and if we cannot fix it for you with our knowledgeable advice over the phone we will get someone to come and help super fast!

Are your technicians fully qualified?

Yes they are! All technicians are fully trained and experienced and work to the standard of the British Fluid Power Distributors approved hose assembly standard and to ISO 9001.

How quick will you get to me when I call 0800 7076556?

Our reaction time to any problem will surprise you. We will get to you within the hour, but always offer you an honest ETA, however the time of day and the traffic from where we are coming from may have an impact on that.

Popular Services

Need Hoses Replaced Or Fixed?

No matter the size shape or material we have the ability to make bespoke hoses that will fit any machine or equipment.

Need Hydraulic Oil?

Hydraulic oil is graded and we will know what kind you need and whether you need a litre, a drum or more, we can supply.

Need Ram Repairs?

As one of the most popular jobs we do, ram replacement or repairs are what we are really good at. Let us help you today.

We Will Keep Your Machinery Moving!