Hydraulic Oil Analysis and Sampling

By Completely Blogger | August 5, 2022
Hydraulic-Oil-Analysis-and- sampling

Why Hydraulic Oil Analysis and Sampling is Integral to the Hydraulic System

Hydraulic oil is used in several applications across automotive, marine, and building & construction industries.

However, hydraulic oil contamination can cause the oil to perform below expectations, damage parts of the machinery, and even equipment malfunction.

Hydraulic fluid contaminants may include water, grit, dust, particles and foreign objects, which can cause wear and tear that can eventually damage parts of the machinery, such as valves, actuators, and motors.

Hydraulic fluid plays a crucial role in the transfer of power and even heat from part of the machinery to another.

Contamination makes the fluid less effective. In other cases, it can lead to the degradation of the oil quality until it eventually ceases to function.



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What is Hydraulic Oil Analysis and Why is it Important

Hydraulic oil testing and analysis allows for oil testing and analysis for cleanliness and contamination to determine whether the oil is of acceptable quality.

Regular testing can help to identify issues early enough to allow you to benefit from the great cost-saving, extended warranties, fewer oil changes, as well as lessened unplanned downtime.

In today’s world, high-performance systems are critical. This makes it even more important to control contamination.

Analysing the condition of the hydraulic oil system can help to determine whether the oil is clean or dirty.

For that reason, hydraulic oil testing should be done regularly to help monitor contamination levels.

This could also help to provide early warning signs or indications of potential failure.


Hydraulic-Oil-Analysis-and- sampling



With the evolution of oil analysis, sampling and testing, the process has moved from ‘whatever works’ to a more defined trade skill, procedure, or technique.

Oil analysis operates on a number of principles, including using proactive maintenance as a tool to enable companies to utilise gathered information to carry out root cause analysis while turning oil analysis into more than just a mere oil change indicator.


Oil analysis can be used as an effective oil-monitoring tool.

Regardless, oil reclamation needs to be done on-site if you want to mitigate the effects of cross-contamination.

However, oil reclamation can also take place offsite, as the vendor of the service drains the existing oil before replacing it with previously reclaimed hydraulic oil.

Oil reclamation is less costly to the environment and going ‘green’ by taking responsibility both ecologically and environmentally has also become cheaper over time.




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An oil analysis report is often available within 10 days or 7 working days.

This report helps to identify early warning signs of oil contamination, abnormal wear, and fluid degradation to help make prompt decisions that could save costs associated with costly repairs and permanent damage to the equipment. In the report, you can expect to have some insight into the oil properties being monitored.

The report will also indicate whether the lubricant has reached where it is no longer viable to service or when the customer can schedule an oil change to enhance the integrity of the fluid.

Hydraulic oil is a critical component of hydraulic machinery and its quality is integral to the performance of not just the hydraulic fluid but also the hydraulic system as a whole.

Whether you live in London, Kent, Essex, Heathrow, or the wider UK, working with a hydraulic engineer or expert can help to look into identifying the root cause of the contamination before advising on the best time to replace your hydraulic fluid.



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