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By Completely Blogger | November 24, 2019
hydraulic repair parts

Categories of Hydraulic Repair Parts and Why Some Parts Require More Frequent Repair than Others

No matter how durable your hydraulic machinery or piece of equipment is, it is going to break down someday as long as you continue using it.hydraulic repair parts

Even some of the most reliable and highly-performing pieces of equipment need parts repair or replacement.

However, keep in mind that different components of these pieces of equipment require different approaches to care.

Unlike what most think, a hydraulic repair function does not just entail cleaning and flushing; it also involves regrinding, re-machining, reassembling of parts, and even parts replacement. So, if you are looking for genuine hydraulic repair parts for your machinery, you should know what the repair process entails and why you would choose one component over another. Below are the main types of hydraulic repair parts for your machinery or equipment.

  1. Dynamic Parts

These are parts that are continuously functioning, such as hydraulic pumps which tend to run throughout when the machinery is in operation, whether in load condition or at idle speed.

This means that the natural process of wear and tear is common in mating components within their lifespan. In this regard, pumps experience more frequent failure than other hydraulic components.

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  1. Intermittent – dynamic

These hydraulic units do not run all the time to execute their functions in the system.

They include servo proportional valves, directional valves, and hydraulic motors. In many applications, these components do not run at all during the machine’s full cycle.

Hydraulic motors, which tend to run in a hydraulic system for a specific time, will sit idle or not run at all on several occasions.

However, a few exceptions include conveyor belt applications. Other components that do not run at all times include sliding spool directional valves and a number of other sliding pool applications. Therefore, these parts will tend to have comparatively lower rates of wear and tear than typical hydraulic pumps over their duty cycle.

  1. Static hydraulic

These hydraulic parts tend to have an “open-close” type of internal function within the system.

These components tend to have less natural wear and tear, giving them much longer life expectancies than the other parts in other categories.

Examples of parts in this category include pressure, sequence, flow, and check valves. Inserts also fall under this category.

Therefore, if you live in London, Essex, Kent, Heathrow or any other part of the UK, you should know parts shops where you can get the right hydraulic repair parts for your machinery or equipment.

You could ask an engineer or technician to help you identify and install genuine hydraulic repair parts to minimise downtime and ensure your machinery is operating at optimum levels.

However, once you understand the different categories of hydraulic parts and products as well as the functions they perform in the system, you will know why some parts or components wear out faster than others and why you need to repair or replace them more often.

Remember that the rate of repair or replacement depends on how dynamic or static the part is.

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