Hydraulics for Special Effects

By Completely Blogger | June 21, 2018

Using Hydraulics for Special Effects

Hydraulics and special effects seem to be two unrelated subjects. However, hydraulics can help to create a plethora of special effects. For instance, hydraulic rams can be very useful in moving things or pushing them over.

They can also be used in making things rotate.

hydraulic and special effects

Often, the hydraulic rams and rotating table remain hidden to create the desired effect.

Ideally, if you need special effects that involve moving of an object, then hydraulics for special effects is your best bet. While hydraulics enjoys a wide range of applications, its use or importance is often overlooked by many individuals. The advent of hydraulics technology has helped the entertainment industry, just as much as it has contributed to the development of the automotive, agricultural and construction industries among others.

Hydraulics within the Entertainment Industry

The application of hydraulic muscle to move equipment is not new to this industry. While a large number of hydraulic components feature in various industrial applications, it would be interesting to find out how properly designed systems borrow from industrial applications to create unique special effects for entertainment centres.

Many great uses. . .

The concept of hydraulics has also been used to create motion for museums, theatres, theme parks and multi-media attractions. Leaning on the lessons borrowed from numerous industrial applications, multi-media theatre attractions can leverage the powerful features of hydraulics to create motion for appropriate audiences.

Those in the entertainment business have been able to create and use successful business models by listening to the unique needs of their audience and filling the gaps within the industry.

The hydraulics concept enjoys a wide range of applications across the entertainment industry.

For instance, in concerts, musicians and performing artists use hydraulic platforms when rising onto the stage to put forth a fantastic performance. On movie sets, the concept of hydraulics is often used for hilarious special effects. We are living in times of incredible events like concerts, festivals, parties, weddings, tours, corporate events and more.

With all these development, there has been a need to create a team of highly trained and skilled technicians to help operate the various forms of equipment in the entertainment industry and create the desired special effect.

Today, there are several skilled technicians operating cameras and audio-visual equipment, which often need to rely on hydraulics for lifting to shoot video from an elevated level and attain an aerial view. The special effects team and stunt directors work together to shoot and record scenes involving falling objects and people, and they use special effects to achieve their movie ideas. The importance of hydraulics for special effects cannot be overlooked in today’s entertainment and film industry.

Hydraulics has been applied across industries to help move objects vertically or horizontally to a desired location.

In today’s highly sophisticated entertainment and film industry, hydraulics has been used to lift equipment and the special effects team to shoot complex movie scenes. The concept has been useful in attaining high speed motion with a high level of accuracy. Indeed, there are many benefits associated with using hydraulics technology, such as powering heavy lifting and excellent performance. In addition, the technology is more accurate, with low noise production.

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