Hydraulic Banjo Fittings: Compact, Versatile, and Powerful

By Completely Blogger | April 11, 2023
hydraulic banjo fittings

Unlocking the Potential of Hydraulic Banjo Fittings

Hydraulic systems are the major foundation of many industries in this day and age, they power everything from cars and large static plants to aerospace and marine applications. Most people do not know that at the heart of these systems, you’ll find a key component called: hydraulic banjo fittings.

These versatile, space-saving connectors have become one of the power players in many sectors, including marine equipment, industrial machinery, and mobile equipment. In this article, we’ll take a quick look into the world of hydraulic banjo fittings, exploring their different sizes, how they’re used, and where you can find high-quality suppliers.

Table of Contents


  1. A World of Sizes: Metric Banjo Hydraulic Fittings
  2. The Dynamic Duo: Banjo Fittings & Banjo Bolts
  3. High Pressure, No Problem: High Pressure Banjo Fittings
  4. Sourcing Quality: Hydraulic Banjo Fittings Suppliers
  5. Completely Hydraulic: Your One-Stop-Shop for Banjo Fittings


hydraulic banjo fittings

1. A World of Sizes: Metric Banjo Hydraulic Fittings

When it comes to hydraulic banjo fittings, size really does matter. They come in such a wide range because they have to accommodate the diverse needs of so many different machines and applications. Metric banjo hydraulic fittings are also so popular here and that’s due to their precise sizing and compatibility with metric-based systems. These fittings are designed to meet the needs of industries like cars, aerospace, and even marine equipment, where super precise connections are essential for optimum performance.


2. The Dynamic Duo: Banjo Fittings & Banjo Bolts

Banjo fittings are often accompanied by a banjo bolt, which is used to secure the connection. The bolt passes through the eye of the banjo fitting, which is shaped like a doughnut, and tightens into the receiving port. This design creates a secure connection while still maintaining a low profile, making it perfect for space-challenged applications such as cars, motorbikes, and intricate hydraulic systems and equipment.


hydraulic banjo fittings

3. High Pressure, No Problem: High Pressure Banjo Fittings

Hydraulic systems operate under extreme pressure, requiring components that can withstand an immense force. High pressure banjo fittings are designed to handle these demands, and this makes the system leak-free and uber-functional. These fittings are used in many different types of industrial machinery which include mobile equipment and as mentioned above marine equipment, where the pressure can reach super high levels.

Below are some of the sizes used for hydraulic banjo fittings:

Size Thread Outer Diameter (OD) Inner Diameter (ID)
6mm M10x1.0 10mm 6mm
8mm M12x1.5 12mm 8mm
10mm M14x1.5 14mm 10mm
12mm M16x1.5 16mm 12mm
14mm M18x1.5 18mm 14mm
16mm M20x1.5 20mm 16mm
19mm M22x1.5 22mm 19mm
22mm M24x1.5 24mm 22mm



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4. Sourcing Quality: Hydraulic Banjo Fittings Suppliers

Finding the right hydraulic banjo fittings suppliers will always make the success of your project easier. You need a supplier that can get high-quality components, have reliable customer service, and of course, competitive pricing.

Completely Hydraulic is one such supplier, offering a wide range of banjo fittings to meet the needs of various industries. Give them a call . . .the number is below as they will be happy yo help you. No doubt you count on Completely Hydraulic for all your hydraulic related needs.

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5. Completely Hydraulic: Your One-Stop-Shop for Banjo Fittings

Don’t forget Completely Hydraulic, prides itself on offering 24 hour emergency services to as banjo fittings are just a small part of the hydraulic system puzzle. They are always available and the banjo fittings are always in stock and available at all of the hydraulic depots. You will be able to choose from metric banjo hydraulic fittings, banjo bolt hydraulic fittings, and high pressure banjo fittings and all banjo related items so that you are making use of the one- stop-shop effect.


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