Hydraulic Ram Repair

By Completely Blogger | October 17, 2017
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Hydraulic Ram Repairs

If you need to make a repair on your hydraulic ram then follow these steps.

Before you start you should make sure it isn’t fixable in the position it’s in.

If it isn’t then you will need to remove the cylinder.

The parts numbers should be located on the cylinder or on the end cap.

Before removing the cylinder you should make sure all of the pressure is released.

You should loosen or remove the hydraulic lines on each side of you cylinder so that the pressure can be released.

You then have to unscrew the gland so you have more room to work with your cylinder.

The gland should unscrew easily and pull away from the hydraulic cylinder if there is enough room on the piston rod.

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Larger cylinders may have to be supported to keep them straight while you remove the piston rod.

You want to make sure your piston rod doesn’t fall into the dirt or hit another metal object when you take it out of the cylinder and should be very careful with all the parts you are dealing with, especially the fine threads inside of the cylinder.

Once you have the piston rod free you should put the rod back into the pin connection and then unscrew the bolt that holds the piston to the rod. You may need to have the bolt heated if a thread locking substance has been used in a prior rebuilding process. Don’t heat it more than necessary.

Next you should follow the instructions on your rebuilding kit if you have one. Find your seal and o-ring and make sure they are new and not thin and damaged.

Look at the o-ring on each groove and remove them and install these one at a time so you do not place them incorrectly.

Clean each of the grooves and seat carefully before you place your new parts down.

Oil all parts well when putting the piston back into the cylinder.

You should not use a thread locking substance on the glands when putting the gland back into the cylinder.

Go ahead and replace the hydraulic lines and test for leaks around your new seal. While following all of these steps make sure you are also following all of the safety procedures to make sure no injuries occur.


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