Hydraulics And Food Processing

By Completely Blogger | February 4, 2019
Hydraulics and food processing

Hydraulic Application in Food Processing

Food processing is a multi-billion pound industry that attracts millions of consumers across the world.

In this regard, it is important to find out why stainless steel hydraulic cylinders make a great choice for food processing and have been recommended for food processing equipment.

To begin with, they are rust resistant, with exceptional grease or oil cleaning ability that produces impeccable results for both commercial and industrial food processing plants.Hydraulics and food processing

Since these applications require the strictest hygiene and cleaning guidelines, only state-of-the-art equipment made of the best quality material should be used to help maintain the high standards required in the food processing industry. Harsh chemicals are normally corrosive, which can damage mild steel cylinders, which are still being used by several plants in the industry.

However, applications in this industry get heavy use and, therefore, pieces of equipment should be made of high quality.

Why Stainless Steel Make the Best Choice for Food Processing Equipment

Stainless steel’s durability is long proven in the iron and steel industry.

Different grades of this metal are used in the food industry to make different components comprising a mixture of different metals, including steel, chromium, and nickel. The strength of these grades depends on the steel in the mixture as well as the heat treatment used to manufacture steel.

This steel manufacturing process provides exceptional tensile and yield whilst at the same time allowing the machinability required to achieve production. This guarantees a long service life for the piece of equipment as well as the economic feasibility for virtually any business in the industry.

The prime feature of hydraulic cylinders made of stainless steel is the cleaning ability and the exceptional rust resistance.

These two features provide the best results for the industry and have helped to advance food processing.

The chromium content provides the corrosion resistance required to help prevent rust.

Molybdenum content also helps to provide the corrosion resistance required to prevent rusting of food equipment.

The nonporous and armour nature of this material makes it difficult for germs to live and multiply, although they manage to linger and live in the crevices created in the hydraulic cylinders’ machining process.

Companies that manufacture and supply hydraulic cylinders and equipment for the food processing industry minimise the holes and crevices that create an ample environment for the germs to linger. They make it easy for bleach and water to clean the cylinders. Cleaning solutions can also clean the plant effectively if there are no crevices and holes that germs can hide in.


Hydraulic cylinders made of stainless steel are often recommended for the food processing industry because of the rust resistance nature of steel. Stainless steel also has exceptional grease cleaning ability and provides the best results when cleaned.

Therefore, if you are looking to install or upgrade your food processing equipment, you need to identify a reliable supplier of high-quality hydraulic cylinders and components that could last for several years before requiring a replacement.

Whether you are in Kent, Heathrow, Essex, or London, you could find a trustworthy manufacturer or supplier within the UK.

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