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Hydraulics in Everyday Life

By Completely Blogger | June 16, 2018
everyday hydraulic uses

Uses of Hydraulics in Everyday Life

The application of hydraulics in everyday life has become so normal that nobody ever thinks about it anymore.

Today, virtually every industry uses hydraulics to move machinery and equipment to accomplish various tasks, including tractors in agriculture, cranes in building & construction, forklift in manufacturing and production warehouses, braking in transportation, and more.

Hydraulic machines utilise hydraulic fluid pressure to primarily power movement or as a basic source of energy.

Hydraulic machines include dumps trucks, aluminum extruders, plastic extruders, cranes, jackhammers, and hose crimpers.

Below is how hydraulics help in accomplishing various day-to-day tasks across industries and sectors.hydraulic uses

Hydraulics in Everyday life

Jobs performed by hydraulic machines may also include metal stamping, hose crimping, injection molding, and more.

Entertainment: Spinning motors are a great source of entertainment in amusement parks. They apply hydraulics technology to power rides and provide motion, for instance, a Ferris wheel.

Vehicle Braking: Virtually all vehicles on the road are powered by hydraulics.

Specifically, brake fluid is an important component of a vehicle’s braking system.

Pressing the foot on the brake pedal forces a rod and piston within the master cylinder to move and achieve the desired effect, which ideally involves slowing down or stopping the vehicle.

Lifting and Repair & Maintenance: Without a hydraulic system, it would be very difficult to lift a very heavy motor vehicle to facilitate repair and maintenance. The system uses hydraulic fluid to help lift any heavy load to a desired height.

Construction: The construction industry has greatly benefited from technological advancements in hydraulics. Tasks that were originally tedious such as lifting of concrete to accomplish building and construction of a storey building have been made easier by use of cranes, which lift and carry building materials to upper floors. Other applications in construction include pumps, forklifts and jacks.

Airplanes: The advent of aerodynamics and airplanes has been a blessing in disguise.

People can easily travel from one continent to another within a few hours.

However, unknown to many, hydraulics have played a critical role in the operation of airplanes, which use the technology to slow down when on the runway, to manage various flight control panels, and to control the flaps.

Compress Substances: Compressing a huge mountain of garbage would require a huge amount of force.

However, hydraulic garbage compressors have profited from the idea that applying a small amount of pressure and leveraging the power of hydraulics in everyday life can produce a large amount of force to compress substances elsewhere.

As a result, dustbin trucks take advantage of their strong hydraulic arms to compress and compact the rubbish to occupy less space.

Apparently, compacting the garbage prevents the rapid filling up of landfills, thereby helping to save the environment.


The concept of hydraulics has been applied to ease various aspects of everyday life, including the braking system, lifting using forklifts, controlling airplanes, lifting of construction materials using cranes and compressing garbage to take up less space in landfills.

The agricultural industry has also applied hydraulics to power movement of heavy farming machinery such as tractors. Regardless, many people fail to realise the various uses of the hydraulics concept in day-to-day life.


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