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By Completely Blogger | December 7, 2016
Spill kits

Making Spill Kits For Oil

There are a number of different types of spill kits for oil on the market. However, there are many people who want to create their own kits to save money. By creating your own kit you can not only save money, you will also know what is in the kit and you can keep extra stock to refill your kit when you need to.

Small Spill Kits

Small spill kits are able to handle oil spills of up to 5 gallons. If the spill is larger than this you will need to have a large spill kit available. The minimum requirements of a small spill kit are gloves, absorbent and a container. The container will be used to collect and store the clean-up materials.buy spill kits

Other items that you can include in your kit are a broom, dust pan and heavy duty plastic bags. The broom should be a whisk broom as these have been found to work best. The plastic is used to line the collection container. You can fit all of the parts of the kit into a 5-gallon container which should be labelled and kept dry.

Large Spill Kits

A large spill kit needs to contain protective clothing for 2 people as spills this large generally require more than one person for cleaning. The clothing should include gloves, boots, goggles, duct tape and coveralls. Plugs and patching materials should be included for times when an oil spill comes from vehicles. The kit also needs to have absorbent to clean the oil.

As with the small spill kit, all of the parts and be stored in a container. A large bucket of over 5 gallons cane be used to store and collect everything. This should be labelled and stored with any extra drums you might have.

What Type Of Absorbents To Use

There are many different types of sorbents on the market. A lot of people look at using granular absorbents as they are easier to clean up. There are 4 common types of granular absorbents including corn cob, peat moss, clay kitty litter and Gran-Sorb.

It is important that you look at the different types of absorbents carefully before determining which one you want. If you want an absorbent that works on more than oil you should choose a general purpose option. However, as part of the oil spill kits, it would be best to get an oil specific absorbent.

Packing Your Kit

Once you have all of the items for your spill kit you need to pack them. The small kit should be packed with the plastic at the bottom, the absorbent in the middle and protective clothing on the top. The large kit can be packed in a similar fashion, but the large drum could cause problems.

It is recommended that the large kit is packed into sturdy bags which rest on the drum. This allows you to reach the items without having to tip the drum over.

Creating your own spill kits for oil is possible with very little effort. You need to determine which size kit you need and purchase the items required.

However, if you are uncomfortable with creating your own it is possible to buy ready-made spill kits.

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