Preventing Hydraulic Cylinder Breakdown

By Completely Blogger | September 6, 2016
hydraulic cylinder breakdown

Guard Against Hydraulic Cylinder Breakdown By Protecting The Cylinder Seals

If you work in an industry that uses hydraulic cylinders, you may always be looking for ways to protect your system in an effort to avoid damage, injuries and delays in work.

One easily overlooked way to prevent hydraulic cylinder breakdown is to pay attention to the cylinder seals. If the seals are compromised, that can cause problems for the cylinders. Here are some ways to take care of hydraulic cylinder seals.

1. Take Actions To Control Heat

You are probably already aware that your hydraulic system can become incredibly hot. While the cylinders themselves might handle that heat well, the seals are often less hearty.

You can use heat-resistant seals, but you can also take additional actions to make the entire system cooler.

One way to do this is to paint the cylinders and tubing. That may seem like an odd suggestion, but some studies have shown that paint can be a great tool for cooling down the system and rejecting heat.

You might also choose to wrap the pipes and tubing with electrical tape.

2. Watch For Debris

The seals for your hydraulic cylinders, because they are so often overlooked, might collect ice, mud and other substances.

Not only that, but metal shards and other debris could bypass internal filters and get stuck in the seals.

You can best protect the seals, and in turn entire cylinders, by being mindful of the cleanliness of the seals. When you see mud or ice on a seal, ensure that you or an employee gently scrapes it away. Monitor filters so that they are not allowed to become clogged and allow debris to move past them.

Monitor The Effects Of New Fluids Closelymotor oil

Over time, as part of your normal business, you will use new chemicals and fluids inside the cylinders. It is vital that you pay close attention to how those fluids affect your cylinders and cylinder seals.

Depending on the type of seals you have, a particular fluid could cause damage if you aren’t careful. In fact, it might not even be the fluid itself that causes the problem; some manufacturers include additives to fluids, and those additives could start affecting the seals you’re using on your cylinders.

Take the time to check the seals whenever you try anything new, and consider upgrading your seals so they are compatible with certain chemicals you know you’ll be introducing in the future.

Talk To Employees

Because you can’t do everything on the floor yourself, you’ll have to enlist the help of your employees.

Make them aware of the other pointers in this article so that everyone notices any problems with the cylinder seals right away and appropriate changes can be made.

With the information laid out here, you can ensure that the hydraulic cylinder seals remain intact and in working condition.

That way, you can prevent hydraulic cylinder breakdown throughout your entire system. Work with experts and your workers to make sure you’re doing everything possible to keep your cylinders functioning well.


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