Stainless Steel For Hydraulics

By Completely Blogger | July 23, 2018

Benefits of Stainless Steel for Hydraulic Parts

Stainless steel has gained prominence in the hydraulics industry due to its strength and corrosion resistance capabilities.

Stainless steel is today used in various applications in the hydraulics industry, from construction to vehicle an even aviation industries. In fact, the use of stainless steel is not just limited to the hydraulics industry, as it has been used to make even small zippers in the fashion industry. It is generally strong, low maintenance and highly resistant to corrosion. The hydraulics industry leverages these unique properties to derive maximum benefits from this metal. However, below are uses of stainless steel for hydraulic parts and how it benefits the hydraulics industry.

Food Processing Equipmentstainless steel adapter fittings

Food processing plants have benefited from the unique properties of stainless steel.

They continue to use it for different parts. Specifically, it is used to make parts of food processing plants because it is generally resistant to corrosion and possess massive strength. Sometimes food processing industries are required to use high-grade materials to design and make parts of their food grade machinery. Stainless steel often comes on top of the list of most desirable materials because it is easy to clean and would therefore not easily cause food contamination or provide an ample environment for bacteria to breed and multiply. With smoothly bonded seams and high resistance to corrosion, the metal has managed to meet the standard conditions and requirements as far food processing plant parts are concerned. Food processing requires a high level of hygiene to be maintained within the environment, and stainless steel’s physical properties make it ideal.

Car Industry

Stainless steel has proved dependable to the car industry, which has continued to use it since 1930s.

The popularity of this metal has increased dramatically and is today used to make various parts of a motor vehicle. For instance, its usefulness has been witnessed in making of car exhaust systems, which are prone to corrosion and can leverage on the metal’s resistance to corrosion feature. In addition, its strength and corrosion resistance features have caused car makers to consider it in making auto bodies, which can be prone to erosion due to constant exposure to moisture, rain, and snow. This ensures that the auto body does not rust due to exposure to environment’s harsh elements.

Offshore Oil Rigs

Stainless steel’s popularity has also grown to include use in offshore oil rigs. Oil rigs often work in harsh environments, with exposure to heat and salt water. Stainless steel can withstand these harsh elements and remain exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day and even go through cold nights without disappointing. Its resistance to corrosion and incredible strength make it ideal for highly demanding environments.

The usefulness of stainless steel for hydraulic parts cannot be overemphasised. The hydraulic industry has continuously leveraged the core properties of stainless steel to use it as parts of various pieces of hydraulic equipment. From making auto and food processing plant parts to supporting oil rigs to drill oil without worrying about corrosion, stainless steel has been very significant in the hydraulic industry. Regardless, it continues to gain popularity across various industries.


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