Repair or Replace Your Failing Hydraulic Cylinder?

By Completely Blogger | May 24, 2019

Should You Repair or Replace Your Failing Hydraulic Cylinder?

Many people have asked whether hydraulic cylinder repair or replacement is superior to the other.

This write-up is going to examine both options, including their pros and cons, before addressing the question and making it easy for you to decide which is better after considering your options.

It is not the first time people are concerned whether repair or replacement is better than the other.

If you own or are leasing hydraulic machinery or equipment, you already know the cost involved in repairing or replacing certain parts of the tool.

Below is an evaluation of both repair and replacement to equip you with the right information you need to make the informed decisions.


On several occasions, people are advised to repair their machinery or equipment because this option is considered cheaper or more economical than replacing.

Sometimes, the cylinder may suffer premature failure for very minor reasons. Many parts that are manufactured according to standards can survive for several months or even years without requiring replacement, as only minor repairs are sufficient to keep the parts working for a larger part of the equipment’s life. However, you should also note that while these parts are considered technically suitable to carry out their tasks as intended by the manufacturer, any additional strain exerted on them, the cylinders, or the machinery is likely to reduce the longevity of the entire piece of equipment.

As a result, cylinder repair may suffice if the damage is not extreme. It does not make much sense to spend a lot of money on new equipment acquisition without understanding what exactly went wrong. Therefore, you have to know what is wrong with the original cylinder before replacing it. Pieces of hydraulic equipment tend to work best with their original parts. Engineers have a duty to determine what is wrong with pieces of equipment and repairing them to address the issue.

Sometimes the issue is so small that a simple repair is enough to correct the problem and allow the equipment to function normally. However, an extremely damaged hydraulic cylinder may not function properly if repaired and may require more drastic measures to be taken.

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Replacement is often the next best option where repairs have not worked or have proven to be inadequate.

In some cases, hydraulic cylinder repair is not viable and the engineer has to replace parts to resolve the problem. If the problem turns out to be a major one and a minor repair is not viable, the entire hydraulic cylinder may have to be replaced. This is especially true where most parts seem damaged and the cost of repairing each part individually may be more expensive than replacing the entire cylinder. In addition, some undamaged parts may turn out to be expensive to manufacture individually, making it economically practical to replace the entire item or unit.

While many people are caught between repairing and replacing, they should go with the most viable option.

Hydraulic cylinder repair is often more economical and easier to perform than replacing, but replacement may be considered where repairing is no longer economically viable or may not resolve the problem.

You can consult with your engineer in Essex, Kent, Heathrow or London to make the decision.


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